Welcome to the Stress and Trauma Lab at the University of Minnesota!

The lab is headed by Dr. Patricia Frazier in the Department of Psychology, Counseling Psychology Area. 

The research conducted in this lab focuses on the effects of traumatic events (e.g., victimization, bereavement), including both their negative (e.g., PTSD, depression, anxiety) and potentially positive (e.g., greater life appreciation) effects.  We also study factors associated with recovery from traumatic events, including perceived present control, coping, and social support, with a focus on assessing mediators and moderators of the relations between various traumas and various outcomes.  Our work applies social psychological theories and research to problems of concern to counseling psychologists, including the development of innovative interventions (e.g., technology-based modules) to increase access to care.


Associate Chair
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota 
N571 Elliott Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 625-6863