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Dr. Patricia A. Frazier

Dr. Frazier is the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Psychology, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor, and the director of the Stress and Trauma Lab.  To learn more about Dr. Frazier’s work, click here to read her faculty profile.



Current Courses 

  • Psychology of Stress and Trauma
  • Counseling Psychology Process and Outcome Research
  • Directed Research

Current Lab Members


Graduate Students

Majel Baker: Started Fall 2014

Image of Majel BakerMajel was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She received her BA in Psychology, minor in Gender and Sexualities Studies, from the University of San Francisco, and then worked for a research firm in San Francisco. Her research focuses on issues disproportionately affecting women, including sexism in STEM fields and interpersonal trauma like sexual assault. In her free time, she reads, exercises, and flies small airplanes.

Addie MeriansStarted Fall 2015

Image of Addie MeriansAddie grew up in Larchmont, NY, before heading off to Williamsburg, VA, where she received a BS in Psychology from the College of William and Mary. While at William and Mary, she developed an interest in mental health care, as well as aiding survivors of sexual assault. Her research interests focus on trauma, particularly childhood trauma and sexual victimization, as well as developing interventions.

McKenzie Kaubrys: Started Fall 2016

Photo of McKenzie KaubrysOriginally from rural Maine, McKenzie received her BA in psychology and English from Georgetown University. She stayed DC after her undergraduate studies to conduct research on the effects of PTSD and mTBI among military service members. Her research interests include the ways in which experiences of child maltreatment affect stress reactivity in adulthood, including examining sleep as a stress-reactive system. She is also interested in interventions to facilitate coping and stress management.

Riley Palmer: Started Fall 2016

Photo of Riley PalmerRiley is originally from the Twin Cities. He received a BA in Psychology and English from St. Olaf College before working as a research assistant for two years at Virginia Tech. Research interests include online interventions and predictors of response. In his free time, Riley enjoys exercising, playing cello, and reading.

Emily Mischel Abramowski: Started Fall 2017

Emily MischelOriginally from southwest Wisconsin, Emily received her BS in psychology at the University of Wisconsin and her MA in clinical psychology at the University of Arkansas. Prior to entering the program, she spent two years conducting research on posttraumatic stress at Regions Hospital and the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. Her research interests focus on emotion regulation and how regulation strategies influence recovery following a traumatic event.

Kayla Huber: Started Fall 2018

Kayla HuberKayla was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She studied neuroscience and economics at Lake Forest College and became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree in 2016. Prior to entering the program, she spent two years as a research assistant at DePaul University’s Center for Community Research. Kayla is interested in investigating gender-based discrimination and violence as well as differential responses to trauma.  

Jan-Louw Kotze: Started Fall 2019

Jan-Louw KotzeJan-Louw was born and raised in South Africa. He received his BA in Psychology, BS in Exercise Scienceand MS in Behavioral and Brain Sciences from the University of South Alabama where he was on the track and field team. His research interests currently revolve around the prevention of sexual violence. Working out, bike riding, and YouTube encompass much of his free time.


Research Assistants

Abby PersonAbby Person, '21

Psychology major, Sociology minor


Mackenna Page Mackenna Page, '20

 Psychology major, Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies and Family Therapy minors


Carly Schneider Carly Schneider, '20

 Psychology major, Neuroscience minor


Recent Lab Alumni 

For a complete list of alumni and dissertation topics, please see this link.

Viann Nguyen-Feng (PhD 2019). Faculty, University of Minnesota Duluth

AnnaMarie Vu (PhD 2018). Faculty, Tufts University School of Medicine

Jacob Paulsen (PhD 2018). Neuropsychological Assessment, San Diego BrainWorks; Adjunct Faculty, San Diego City College

Kelli Howard (PhD 2016). Faculty, University of Minnesota Department of Educational Psychology

Liza Meredith (PhD 2016). Faculty, University of Minnesota Department of Psychology 

Sheila Frankfurt (PhD 2015). Staff Researcher/Psychologist, VISN 17 Center of Excellence for Research in Returning War Veterans at the Doris Miller VA Health Center in Waco, TX

Christiaan Greer (PhD 2015). Faculty, Manhattanville College

Samuel Hintz (PhD 2013).  Staff Psychologist, Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Reiko Hirai (PhD 2013). Psychologist, University of Minnesota Boynton Healthcare

Nora Keenan (PhD 2013). Clinical Psychologist, Boston VA Medical Center

Sandra Shallcross (PhD 2013). Senior Clinical Psychologist, Hennepin County Medical Center

Samantha Anders (PhD 2012). Senior Clinical Psychologist, Hennepin County Medical Center

Sulani Perera (PhD 2012). Senior Psychologist, Manhattan Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Clinical Researcher, Interim Director, PTSD Clinic, Manhattan VA/New York University

Margaret Gavian (PhD 2011). Psychologist, North Memorial Health Care

Kelly Berg (PhD 2010). Faculty/Director of Assessment for the Eating Disorders Research Program, University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry

Laura Sherr (PhD 2010). College of Saint Benedict Counseling Center

Matt Kaler (PhD 2009). Staff Psychologist/Program Manager, PTSD Treatment Team, Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Jenna Bemis (PhD 2008). Private practice, Minneapolis, MN

Heather Mortensen (PhD 2007). Partner, SKS Consulting Psychologists

Margit Berman (PhD 2006). Faculty, Dartmouth Medical School-Psychiatry

Theresa Glaser (PhD 2006). Faculty, Normandale Community College

Michael Steger (PhD 2005). Faculty, Colorado State University

Jason Steward (PhD 2005). Director of Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Training, Portland VA Medical Center

Ty Tashiro (PhD 2004). Book author, speaker, writer for Discovery Fit and Health