Fun Stuff

Riley ('22) Defends his Dissertation, June 2021


Addie ('21) Defends her Dissertation, November 2020


Counseling Psychology in Chicago for APA 2019!

University of Minnesota Counseling PhD people at APA 2019
First row: Pascalle (UG '19), Kayla ('24), Jan-Louw ('25), Riley ('22), Dr. Frazier, Jill Fish ('20, Syed lab), Addie ('21), Emily ('22)
Second row: Majel ('20), McKenzie ('22), Ummul ('21, Syed lab)

Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program showcase, August 2018

Viann ('19), Breni (UG '19), and Dr. Frazier.

Stress and Trauma lab goes to APS in Boston, May 2017

aps 2017
Back row L to R:  Addie ('21), Viann ('19), Majel ('20), Dr. Frazier, Riley ('22), Federico  (undergrad '18).
Front row L to R: Carissa (undergrad '18), McKenzie ('22),  and Katie (undergrad '18). 

March for Science, St. Paul, MN, April 22, 2017

Addie, Viann, Pat, Xiang holding sign at March for Science Minneapolis
Addie ('21), Viann ('19), Dr. Frazier, and Xiang ('19, Rich Lee lab) holding sign at March for Science.

International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan, July 2016

Majel at ICP 2016
Majel (‘20) and Goldy at the 31st ICP.

Minnesota Psychological Association conference in Plymouth, MN, April 2016

Majel, Shamni, Goldy, Karla, Addie, and Viann
Majel ('20), Shamni (UG '16), Goldy, Karla (UG '16), Addie ('21), and Viann ('19) in front of their first-place poster at the Minnesota Psychological Association conference.

Association for Psychological Science in New York, NY, May 2015

Dr. Frazier, Goldy, Viann, AnnaMarie, Addie and Majel
Dr. Frazier, Goldy, Viann (‘19), AnnaMarie (‘17), Addie (‘21), and Majel (‘20).
APS2015 Symposium
Majel (‘20), Dr. Frazier, and Viann (‘19) after their symposium presentations.

Minnesota Psychological Association conference in Plymouth, MN, March 2015

MPA 2015
Liza (‘16), Viann (‘19), Sam (‘13), and Goldy after their symposium presentations.

Center for Victims of Torture, Saint Paul, February 2015

CVT 2015
Majel (‘20), Viann (‘19), Sheila (‘15), and Celia (UG ‘13) at the Center for Victims of Torture International Headquarters.

Medtronic Twin Cities 10K, October 2014

Majel 10K 2014
Majel (’20), Viann (’19), and Goldy after Majel’s finish in the Medtronic Twin Cities 10K in Saint Paul, MN.

Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) conference in Atlanta, GA, March 2014

Division 17 2014 Booth
Viann (’19), Therese (’18), Dr. Frazier, and Alex (NICE Lab) in a photobooth.
Division 17 2014 All
Alex (NICE Lab), Liza (’16), Viann (’19), Goldy, Therese (’18), and Dr. Frazier at the Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) conference in Atlanta, GA, March 2014