Open Science

The Stress & Trauma Lab practices and promotes Open Science methods in our research. This includes preregistering our studies, posting code and datasets (when possible), and sharing study materials, among other efforts. 

Published Preregistered Studies

Nguyen-Feng, V. N., Romano, F. N., & Frazier, P. (2019). Emotional abuse moderates efficacy of an ecological momentary stress management intervention for college students. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 66, 461-472. [Pre-registration:]

Palmer, R., Owen, J., & Frazier, P. (2020). Trajectories of Changes in Distress in Counseling Center Clients: A Replication Study. Psychotherapy Research. Pre-registration:

Code and Datasets

Merians, Addie N; Baker, Majel R; Frazier, Patricia A; Lust, Katherine. (2018). Mplus syntax for double cross-validation using latent class analysis (LCA) and comparing outcomes across classes. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

Associated publication: Merians, A. N., Baker, M. R., Frazier, P. A., & Lust, K. (2019). Outcomes related to adverse childhood experiences in college students: Comparing latent class analyses and cumulative risk. Child Abuse & Neglect, 87, 51-64.

Published Protocol 

Frazier, P., Richards, D., Mooney, J., Hofmann, S., Beidel, D., Palmieri, P., & Bonner, C. (2016). Acceptability and proof of concept of internet-delivered treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress in university students: Protocol for an open feasibility trial. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2.